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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Witch, Pagan, or Wiccan in your Life

"I want to get you a witchy or pagany gift that you'll really love for your birthday, but I have no idea what you'd like, " my husband said to me ahead of my birthday last year.  His use of the word "pagany" added a dash of adorableness to the statement that made me smile from ear to ear.

I feel for him. He knows my spirituality is important and meaningful to me, but not sharing it himself, he quickly gets lost in all the Etsy and specialty shops online peddling over-the-top, hand-made items which rarely offer explanations for their purpose for the novice.

While I like to think my husband is an individual like no other, I doubt this problem is solely suffered by him alone in the world.  So I, witch and pagan, went on a quest to make things easier for him and to give him ideas about what occult gifts he could get me which would be things I'd actually use and appreciate.

I wanted to share the list with everyone so it can be used by the friends, significant others, and parents of our wonderful Wiccans and pagan at arms. After all, it's hard to shop for folks like us. Whether you're looking for gifts for white witches, gifts for Wiccans, birthday gifts for witches, occult gifts, witch-themed gifts, metaphysical gifts, or just some Halloween shopping, I've got some recommendations for you that will make your witch, pagan, or Wiccan friend smile.

Practical Gifts for White Witches and Gifts for Wiccans

If you want to give your beloved witch something they're going to use, I recommend a higher quality staple that every witch/Wiccan/pagan needs one (or many) of, but something the wouldn't normally get for themselves.

Practical Gift Idea for Witches/Wiccans #1:

Not only is this the cutest cauldron you've ever seen, but it's great for use on an altar. It can be used to hold salt (with a lid so the salt doesn't get dusty) or it can be a heat-proof vessel in which to burn loose incense. I have even used it for a candle holder more than a few ties. Plus, there's nothing like getting your first little cauldron, no matter how long you've been a pagan.

Practical Gift for Witches/Wiccans #2:

Beeswax candles burn the cleanest of any type of candle. In addition to their gorgeous and even burn, candles are used in almost any ritual, spell, or general mood setting. The one thing witches use more than anything else is candles, and with some folks thinking you need to use a fresh candle for each spell or ritual, they go through a lot.  Giving your witch the gift of high quality, colorful candles is always going to be a big hit.

Practical Gift for Witches/Wiccans #3:


You can buy cheap incense sticks anywhere, but this is much different. A sampling of 5 resins and loose incense, the needed charcoal tablets, and a fine new burner. This is my go to that I keep nudging my husband for.

Practical Gift for Witches/Wiccans #4:

Birthday gifts for Witches


For birthdays, I always shoot for a practical item like above and something that goes a bit above and beyond what is considered "practical" and into the special category. A witch's birthday only comes around once a year after all, and each one is something to celebrate.

Birthday Gift for Witches/Wiccans #1:


Most of us love our pentacle jewelry just as much as a Christian loves the cross they wear around their neck. This simple piece offers the pentacle shape with the addition of a moon, which is sacred among our community. It also has a bonus of being made with sterling silver and 14k Gold.

Birthday Gift for Witches/Wiccans #2:


If necklaces are not a popular choice for your witch or Wiccan, this ring is a fine birthday gift idea if you still want to get something a little more high-end.

Birthday Gift for Witches/Wiccans #3:

An alternative birthday gift idea is a stag head. Here, it is being used as a jewelry holder; however, it could easily be used for a representation of the Lord on an altar for Wiccans, or a representation of Herne or the male god for Pagans and witches.

Birthday Gift for Witches/Wiccans #4:


Finally, an idea that crosses the line between a practical gift and an artistic birthday gift for a pagan. This wand is half tool, half work of art. Hand carved from 5,000 year old wood, I know I'd like to get my hands on this both for practice and to display.

A Bit of Halloween Gift Idea Fun

Pretty much every witch, Wiccan, and pagan goes gaga over Halloween. Here are a couple ideas for a Halloween surprise gift.

Halloween Gift Idea #1:


Halloween is the time of year for toasting and celebrating the end of the growing season. I know I would like to do that drinking out of this glass.

Halloween Gift Idea #2:

A kitchen witch is a witch shaped charm you hang in the kitchen. She keeps your pots from boiling over and your dinners from burning. She's a wonderful Halloween gift for those with a little witch in their hearts.

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