Sunday, January 17, 2016

Using Tarot to Inform Your Spell Work

Last week, I had a client reach out to me to ask about how soon my spell could be expected to work. In this case, the spell request was for an Ex who had cut off contact to get back in touch and resume their relationship. The spell I performed was to open the heart of the Ex to my client to make this possible.

This client had previously asked me a few warning follow questions, so I already had several warning signs about this being a situation where, despite my best efforts, there were unrealistic expectations. I’ll tackle that subject in my next post.

I usually expect results from work I perform fairly quickly, within one to two weeks (since that’s been my experience previously). When I get a report or indication that things haven’t come to pass as of yet (and I get a prick of suspicion that I don’t have the full circumstances to understand why), I turn to my Tarot cards.