Friday, November 25, 2016

5 Tips for Finding the Right Psychic for You

Sometimes you need advice from someone who is not your friend, roommate, or family member, and you want someone who has a special edge in addition to being a neutral third party. Enter the psychic.

But there’s a million psychics out there. How do you find the right one for you? Here’s 5 tips for finding Mr. or Mrs. “Psychic Right.”

1.       Price DOES NOT EQUAL psychic competence.

Some psychics depend on readings as their primary income, others do it as a supplement, and still more do it because they like helping people. This leads to vastly different prices for essentially the same service.
Additionally, in the event that both psychics pick up a likely negative outcome for something really important to you, who will be less tempted to sugar coat or outright lie to you? Would it be Hobby Reader, who has the option of just waiting for the next client to come along whenever? Or would it be Career Reader who is depending on you to leave a good review, recommend her/him to others, and come back for more readings?

It’s a mistake to assume that the most expensive person is the best. Don’t be afraid to shop for psychics that fit comfortably in your budget.

2.       Be upfront and honest with what you are hoping to get out of the psychic reading and act accordingly.

Are you desperate to know that your ex is going to come back or that you’ll get that offer letter? If you are looking for and will accept nothing less than an affirmation of your beliefs from the reading, don’t go to a psychic. You are putting them and yourself in a no-win situation. No psychic likes to hear how wrong they are, especially after everything the client has just told them points to an obvious conclusion in addition to what they got from the reading.  

3.       Pick someone who appears to be your age or older.

You’re getting two things from a psychic during a reading. First, you get their intuitive gift, which is the main appeal. Second, you’re also getting access to their personal life experiences. You’ll get the most out of the latter if they are either at a similar place in their life as you or they have already experienced the stage of life you’re in. It’s great stuff and can be even more valuable than what their psychic gifts reveal. It also feeds a portion of Tips #4 and #5.  

4.       If you get into the reading and it doesn't feel right, don’t waste your time… or theirs.

A psychic’s gifts work best when they can form a connection with you. Age, education level, experiences, etc. all play into this. Sometimes a psychic just won’t click with you or they’re suffering from the human condition of “having a bad day.”  

You’ll likely feel and notice the disconnect and you might even notice it sooner than they do. Don’t stay silent and smile your way through the reading. Speak up quickly, ask for a refund (if you’re still early into the reading), and move on. With few exceptions, psychics will fight to make the connection and give you your reading as long as you let them. You’ve paid them for a service, and they will struggle and work themselves silly trying to do it. The sooner you tell them, the sooner you put them out of their misery.

5.       Understand what Psychics ARE and AREN’T.

Sometimes psychics have other gifts that accompany being psychic, but unless they tell you so, don’t assume they can do everything spiritual under the sun.

Psychics are NOT fortune tellers. They can tell you how things are and they can give you an idea of how they think things will turn out given where everyone is right now (this is where the experience from Tip #3 is useful). The second you ask for the exact outcome of a situation weeks, months, or years from now, you’re asking for a service outside of a psychic.   

Psychics are NOT mediums. Talking to the dead is a different art, perhaps with an even poorer reputation. Some psychics who don’t claim to be mediums may refer to talking to “their spirits,” but the term spirit does not always refer to a human entity and even when it does, it does not mean that they can talk to your dead.

Regardless of the variety of psychic you’re talking to, they ARE trying to interpret impressions and information about your life without knowing much of anything about you. Imagine being a psychic during a reading and seeing a Tootaloopiter*. You’ve never seen one before and have no idea what it is, you don’t even know what it’s called. You would probably sound silly trying to describe it and figure out its significance to your client. Because despite your lack of knowledge, your client’s boyfriend is the #1 seller of Tootaloopiters in the country. Have some patience and some give while you psychic sorts out the intricacies of your life.

Picking a psychic is a lot like finding a good hair dresser. You want someone you trust, but sometimes you have to shop around to find the right person. Follow these tips and you should be able to shorten the process.

Happy hunting,

*Tootaloopiter – Completely made up word for the purpose of my argument. J

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