Monday, June 27, 2016

Developing a Sense of Place, Spirit of Place, Magick of Place for Your Own Home

The sun has reached its zenith and summer is now in full swing. With schools out, people are looking towards vacations, taking time away from their busy lives to travel to somewhere else and experience all that a new and different place has to bring.  

It's called several things - sense of place, spirit of place, magic of place, cultural landscape - but when it's boiled down, every place has its own magic that is derived from it's people, its buildings, and its general atmosphere. We experience this the most strongly when we get that special feeling when we are somewhere new.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Magickal Gardening in a Teeny Tiny Space

Every wonder how to grow magickal, wiccan, or pagan herbs in a city or other small space?

My magickal garden full of witch crafting herbs is coming along. Have a look!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Simple Ancenstral Prayer for my Ancestral Altar

In my recent YouTube video on my altar, I mentioned that I had a regular prayer that I used at my ancestral altar which constitutes the majority of my ancestral worship.

The original version of the prayer came from the book Magical Power of the Saints by Ray T. Malbrough though it found its way to me via the New World Witchery Podcast.

My version involves keeping two offering - a candle and a chalice of water - as the two staples of my altar. I have other things that come and go as I need them (a cauldron, a tree, a reindeer antler) but no matter what I am doing the main candle and the chalice remain.