Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Pitfalls of Being an Authentic Psychic or Tarot Reader Online: Integrity vs Telling People What they Want to Hear

Real Psychic Readings Aren't
Always Happy
This post covers three common themes you run into when you're an honest psychic or tarot reader: 
 - the person who gets addicted to your work
 - the person who does not have a firm grasp on reality
- the person who doesn't believe you unless you tell them what they want to hear

For me, this all came together in a single person.

For some, this is the gold standard of customers: a source you could milk for a LOT of money for minimal effort. For me, the woman just made me sad. When I finally realized what was going on, the bitterness was as sharp as a bite of lemon.

Thankfully, I offer cheap psychic and tarot readings so in total she spent less than $30, though I doubt she'll be as lucky with the next reader she goes too.

My first spell for her was intended to get her ex to start speaking to her again. He had cut all ties nearly a year before. During the work, I felt like I couldn't connect my energy to my intent, but managed to complete it. Silly me for brushing it off. 

A while later, she came back and sent me a message that it hadn't worked. I did a free tarot reading for her because she sounded desperate and I had some free time and wanted to help. During the reading, I saw him having mental and emotional issues and deduced that that was the root of the problem. I let her know that he wasn't coming back. 

In retrospect, I was only partially right about the mental issues. He did not have them. They were being inflicted on her in the relationship.  

A little later she came back and ordered a tarot reading because he had begun reaching out to her through anonymous spam messages containing information only he would know. I expressed doubt to her that she was seeing things correctly, evening taking the time to give her a brief explanation of how spam and datamining works. It fell on deaf ears. 

I did the reading and confirmed again that he wasn't going to come back. I even picked up on some other details she confirmed, like that he was very controlling. I also let her know that I saw a bright future for her if she let him go. At that point she seemed happy, and I was very hopeful for her.  

A while later, she came back saying that my original spell had worked and he had emailed her a long loving email. She wanted yet another reading. I did it, but as before, I knew he wasn't coming back. I also saw the toll it was taking on her then and in the future if she stayed in this state. Again, I urged her to let him go, and that her future would be so much happier if she could. 

I then did her one better. I told her to stop getting readings on the subject and live her life. She was wasting her money coming back to the same subject.

That worked for a month. Only this time, I finally got to the truth. 

She said she was experiencing more specific spam and had a second letter from him wanting to talk and get back with her. But now, it was signed as someone else. She was convinced he was stalking her and was upset and afraid. She wanted more information about the situation via my real psychic readings.

The change in perspective was a bombshell. There was NOTHING in the reading about a man. Everything was about her and her perception being twisted, and multiple people trying to show her the light. So I told her what I saw. 

She told me I had to be wrong. The spam and both letters were so similar to his writing style that it had to be him writing under a different name.  

Ah! There was a detail, she hadn't revealed before. The first letter was from SOMEONE ELSE. She had told me it was from her ex.

I asked her to send me an example of the spam. It was a male enhancement ad. She explained that her ex had written very similar things in his emails to her, so that's how she knew it was from him. 

Then I asked for the specific letters from him. So she sent one to me, explaining that the language was almost identical to the emails her ex used to send. I read the email, and it ALL made sense. Tragic, infuriating sense.

I immediately requested we cancel the order. I was going to tell her the truth, and I already knew she was upset and likely to shoot the messenger with a bad review. As soon as her refund went through I told her what was happening.

There was no ex. She had been catfished. The email had all the standard, lines of "I found you on the internet" and "I live far away but am wealthy and looking for a nice woman, maybe it's you." And all that garbage that is too good to be true. 

I explained that the person sending her emails wasn't her ex. He wasn't even real. He was just after her money or information, or who knows what else. I told her to stop opening the spam emails and delete them and stop responding to men she didn't know or who's emails she didn't expect. I also asked her if she had ever actually met her ex. 

She never answered that all important question. She just came back with many reasons why it had to be him. She cited incorrect facts and assumptions, and I realized I was never going to reach her. 

I hope one day she gets over the man who doesn't exist. I know how much it can hurt to realize the relationship you have with a real live person is a lie, I can't imagine the extra hurt to find that he was not real in the first place. If nothing else, maybe her fantasy will keep her from being catfished again, if she thinks each new attempt is the same fictional man. Perhaps some good will then come out of this hurt. 

More than anything, I pray if she goes to someone else to perform a tarot reading, psychic reading, or and spell for her, they are honest and caring and don't take advantage. I'll be lighting a candle for her on my altar in hopes that it helps her find her way.


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