Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dealing with a Bad Customer: Witch for Hire Edition

Angry Spell Caster!
Even in the Witchcraft/Hoodoo/Spellcraft world, the second you put yourself in a position to make a business transaction you welcome the nightmare of customer service horror stories into your life. Luckily, every unpleasant encounter is a lesson for how not to do things in the future.

Bad Customer Story

This post is brought to you by an unnamed customer – unnamed because even though the man provided me with enough unsolicited information to show up at his door (or darn near open a bank account in his name), I have a moral compass and a sense of decency which trumps my temper.

To provide you with a short background of the story, this gentleman wanted to win the lottery and contacted me to make that happen. I told him that that was not feasible and recommended a general money attractant spell which would allow the universe the most freedom to get him the money he needed.

He declined that insisted on a spell for general luck, so I went over my typical disclosure (i.e., I can’t guarantee any results and why), and got his agreement to the terms. I then performed a long-distance variation of a hoodoo mojo bag working for him and traded several messages answering all of his follow up questions.

He asked that I mail it to him the remnants of the spell. Since that wasn’t part of the original agreement, I gave him the option of doing so in exchange for a Fiverr offer to cover the cost, but also let him know that it shouldn’t be required with the way I had done the working. He was more than happy to forgo any expense and we parted ways amicably.

About a month later, I awoke to the following message in my Fiverr inbox:
“your service did not work. like the majority of keen sellers. never heard of someone keeping the mojo. a con.”

There’s nothing better than having a person who lacks the ability to do for themselves tell you that you did it wrong and insult your integrity. Fuming though I was, I did send him back a pleasant note and wished him the best with one of the other sellers.

Dealing with Bad Customers

So what can we learn from this?

One, if someone asks you for a result that there is no way they will get (like winning the lottery), they have just made their expectation clear. Even if you reset it and they agree to it, they are expecting what they originally asked for. The sad news is, my spell may have worked. He may have had increased luck, such as getting out of a bill or a narrow miss of a financial catastrophe, but he won’t have made the connection because all he was thinking about was the lottery. When you think there may be unrealistic expectations at play, you need to just say no to the business. Why go into something that’s not going to be successful.

Two, some people are just bad customers, and the anonymity of the internet makes them act even worse (even when they send you their name, birthday, and address).

That’s my wisdom for the week. Hope you enjoyed.

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