Saturday, February 13, 2016

When there’s something amiss with a spell

Despite the joy I take in performing witchcraft, Hoodoo, and other spiritual services, I’m not a particularly superstitious person. Yet, every once in a while, things go so badly that it’s hard to ignore. Last night was one such moment.

The spell request was simple enough. My client wanted a spell to sweeten someone up who wasn’t responding to her messages. Easy peasy.

First, when I sat down to collect my energy and call my spirits, the usual “zoom” I get was missing. Now, that sometimes happens if I’m particularly tired or distracted (and I did have a kitten running around thinking it was play time), so I did some extra grounding and centering and took some extra time to “chat” with my spirits in case they were of a mind that I was asking them to help without offering anything in return.

Once I felt sufficiently good to go, I started on the writing portion of the jar. The pen ran out of ink while I was putting my client’s name over the intended target. I managed to eke out just enough to keep going with the spell, and swapped out a different pen for the remainder.

During the inscribing of the intent, I managed to misspell nearly every word, which for someone with a B.A. in English is just embarrassing. Also, my lines of text were messy to say the least. Finally, I realized I couldn’t in good conscience move forward with this mess and had to start over.

At that point, I gently shoved the kitten out the door and turned off the lights. When I went to light more candles, my trusty lighter stopped working. Finally, I got the additional candles into place, rewrote the paper, and folded it up in preparation for putting in the honey jar.

Now, my large Honey Jar is multi-use and has a wax seal on top which has lasted for years. Normally, I just tip it up the seal, slide the paper in, and push the seal back down to submerge the paper. This time when pushed down on the seal, it broke into several pieces.

I persisted and managed to get the paper sufficiently jammed into the honey. Finally, I went to place a candle on top of the jar. As soon as it touched the lid, the wax sloshed every so slightly and snuffed out the flame. Despite being a fresh candle it refused to relight, and I had to switch it out.

After all this, I wondered what was going on, so I reached out to my client to ask about more history between the two of them. They hadn’t spoken in decades, and the relationship my client had wished to rekindle (via having the target respond to my client’s messages) had ended due to infidelity on my client’s side. The target had sworn never to speak to my client again and was now married to someone else, whom it was rumored had placed a Voodoo curse on my client.

This was about the point that I smacked my head into the table and wished that people would tell me the whole story upfront. Spell Caster/Root Worker/Witch is not a synonym for mind reader.

Since the order was for a multi-night working, I’ve adjusted my intent for the spell to take all these things into account, but I think I would have suggested a more intense series of workings had I known from the beginning what the situation was.

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