Sunday, February 21, 2016

Letting Go: Removing a Curse

Three years ago, I cursed my sister-in-law. Like really cursed her. Like wrote her name and shoved it in a bottle filled with Cayenne Pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, hot sauce, and liquid smoke; then shook the bottle and said something to the effect of "Burn, Bitch!" and kept coming back to that bottle on a regular basis to shake it and repeating my lines.

I was pretty angry, in case you couldn't tell.

What did she do to deserve this... well, that is a very long story of her trying to thwart my wedding, which culminated in her calling my now husband two weeks before the ceremony and screaming at him not to marry me before putting on my mother and father-in-law who, egged on by their daughter, also begged him not to make this mistake (all while I sat next to him listening).

This craziness went on for over a year after the wedding, even after I made my peace with my parents-in-law. There were knock out drag down fights over the phone my sister-in-law and I tried to work it out, incessant claims that I was taking her brother from her, occasional instances of other family members getting involved out of the blue to support her, and finally a moment where my husband threatened to disown everyone if the ridiculousness didn't stop.

Finally, she did eventually apologize for some of it, and I apologized for my part (because I could have acted better, too). And though nastiness still crops up from time to time, life is generally peaceful. So when I stumbled again on my little tucked-away curse jar, I decided that it was time to let go and remove it.

So how does one go about removing a curse on a family member, especially when you're the one who put it there? Well, it's not that different from removing a curse from someone else or removing a curse from an object.

Because the curse revolved around the jar, I simply had to get rid of it. And what does one do with a jar full of negative, corrosive muck? I didn't dare dump it on our property, the last thing you want to do to remove a curse that's filled with the darkest part of your soul is dump it back in your home to poison your land. So I slipped outside in the rain and dumped it down the storm drain to be carried away and diluted. Storm drains are a perk of living in a small city.

If I didn't think it would cause more drama, I could have suggested to my sister-in-law that I rub her with an egg to absorb and remove the remainder of the curse energy from her and then dispose of the egg. Though in this case, that wasn't an option, so I cleaned out the remainder of the bottle in my sink and let the rest of it go. I feel better for it.

That's the thing with curses. I'm not a believer in the rule of three, but I do believe that there is a price for negative magic. Casting it takes energy, and it eats at you. In the end, you're not just removing the curse or spell from someone else, you're practicing how to remove a curse of yourself too. Sometimes the price of cursing someone else is worth it, but rarely is it worth it forever.

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