Sunday, January 17, 2016

Using Tarot to Inform Your Spell Work

Last week, I had a client reach out to me to ask about how soon my spell could be expected to work. In this case, the spell request was for an Ex who had cut off contact to get back in touch and resume their relationship. The spell I performed was to open the heart of the Ex to my client to make this possible.

This client had previously asked me a few warning follow questions, so I already had several warning signs about this being a situation where, despite my best efforts, there were unrealistic expectations. I’ll tackle that subject in my next post.

I usually expect results from work I perform fairly quickly, within one to two weeks (since that’s been my experience previously). When I get a report or indication that things haven’t come to pass as of yet (and I get a prick of suspicion that I don’t have the full circumstances to understand why), I turn to my Tarot cards.

So, I went ahead and performed a simple past, present, future reading on the situation.


For the past, I pulled the Five of Pentacles. This told me that I was dealing with a situation in which of the parties involved had difficulties with dealing with their emotions or was otherwise not well (the crippled boy with the head injury). It also suggested that his companion, (turned and focusing on her own ordeal) did not have the skill or willingness to help.


For the present, I pulled the Queen of Swords. In this instance, I interpreted it as my client, with hand reach out to the ex in supplication; sad, but also embarrassed by the immediate situation of continuing to try to reach out and being consistently rebuffed via silence. (See note at the end of this post with a warning on how to avoid misidentifying individuals within a Tarot reading.)


For the future I pulled the King of Swords. I identified this figure as the Ex. The King sits in unwavering judgement of the Queen, or my client. There was some offense committed that would not be forgiven or condition of the relationship that was judged to be unfit. I connected this back to the trouble revealed in the Five of Pentacles.

Because the original intent of my spell was to open the heart of the Ex, I realized that the result of my spell was inconsequential. Even if it had worked and the Ex’s heart was open and still loved my client, judgement had been passed. There was no going back in this case, the ending of the relationship was final.

Given this, I suggested that my client not pursue any more spell work or put additional energy into pursuing reconciliation.

This technique can be used anytime you are concerned about a spell. While I used it in the aftermath of what appeared to be a failed spell, it could just as well be employed prior to conducting a spell to judge the likelihood of success and ability to affect change.

* Note: When trying to determine the identities of people in a Tarot reading, one should not use the gender portrayed in the cards as an indicator. The meanings and images in Tarot cards were first determined when women and men has very unequal and strict gender associations which are no longer applicable today, i.e. the Queen of Swords could easily refer to a male and the Kind of Swords could easily refer to a female.