Sunday, December 6, 2015

Selling Spells and Witchcraft

I've started selling spell services on You can find me at

My reason: I like doing spell work, but I rarely find that I have a need to do work for myself. However, I imagine there are others out there who would feel more comfortable if someone else cast the spell for them, and I need to practice to stay sharp as well as a force to push me to expanding my skills out beyond my go to spells.

Just having graduated with an MBA, I also appreciate the practice of trying to get a mini-business off the ground. There’s marketing (something I’m the weakest at), customer service, SEO, and eventually accounting to go along with the actual spell casting.

There’s also questions of an ethical nature. Should I really be charging for a spell that may or may not work as intended? So far, I’ve gotten around this issue by being upfront with people. They are paying for me to do the work, not the result. Just like you pay for a lotto ticket. You are paying for the ticket itself, which represents a chance to win. Though I’d like to think you have a much higher success rate with my work than the lotto.

That being said, so far I’ve sold my honey jar spell. My most recent honey jar is below.

I’ll be going over the spell in my next post, since it’s a lovely one. Talk to you all next time.


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