Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To Curse or Not to Curse...

I've been quiet a while, having just gotten back from a week long conference that took quite a bit of preparation. The wedding is also just over a month away.

Surprisingly, I'm not all that concerned or stressed about the wedding, nor is Fiance (who I will soon be referring to as Husband). Most of my stress comes from either work or my super special in-laws.

To recap the long and obnoxious crap that has been going on: MIL is still a selfish, manipulative a piece of work, SIL is... well I will censor myself on that since I'm still a little sore over the things that she most recently said about me, and several of my cousin-in-laws have been swept up into their "Witch, witch, you're a witch!" campaign in which I am the one who has been labeled intolerant.

And yet, all of that is not what the title of this post is referencing. This post is about when to turn your will against someone, because I am seriously considering it.