Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To Curse or Not to Curse...

I've been quiet a while, having just gotten back from a week long conference that took quite a bit of preparation. The wedding is also just over a month away.

Surprisingly, I'm not all that concerned or stressed about the wedding, nor is Fiance (who I will soon be referring to as Husband). Most of my stress comes from either work or my super special in-laws.

To recap the long and obnoxious crap that has been going on: MIL is still a selfish, manipulative a piece of work, SIL is... well I will censor myself on that since I'm still a little sore over the things that she most recently said about me, and several of my cousin-in-laws have been swept up into their "Witch, witch, you're a witch!" campaign in which I am the one who has been labeled intolerant.

And yet, all of that is not what the title of this post is referencing. This post is about when to turn your will against someone, because I am seriously considering it.

Now I have only ever done one crafting that could be considered negative against a person. It was an "if you cross the line you have been asked not to cross, you WILL be burned" kind of crafting created to deal with a stalking situation. (I'll explain more in a later post, because I think it is worth discussing.)

The present situation involves rude neighbors. Background: the current neighbors began renting the townhouse connected to ours last March. For the first week, they play loud music 24/7. Then it tapered off from being obscenely loud from 5PM-8AM on the weekdays and from Friday 5PM through to Monday 7AM on weekends. We asked them to turn it down on multiple occasions. They were polite when hearing our requests, and then completely ignored us.

Then we called to police, which resulted in no change with the exception of the night we called them twice (they lowered it a little after the police officer yelled about being called out twice for such loud noise). The neighbors have since stopped being polite to us.

We've contacted the HOA. We've contacted the townhouse owner. We've talked in depth with the police. No one has really offered us any sort of solution, and we're tired. While I normally spend weeknights at my parent's house closer to work, I've been here the past week. Twice so far, I have been forced out of my bed and away from my deeply-sleeping fiance because I needed to rest and there was only one room in the house where the constant bass didn't completely penetrate the walls.

So, now I'm sleep deprived and looking forward to nothing but sleepless nights when I move permanently into our house. There will be no week night respite at my folks' place then.

Last night desperation started to sink in. I considered sending a prayer to Lilith to cause chaos among the family and force them to move out. I'm normally a very kindhearted person, but days after day of sleep deprivation can be a trying to say the least.

We have tried for months to be kind and considerate, and we have explored all our options with no cure. Now this witchy woman is pissed and getting to the point where I want to cut holes in our walls and insert speakers directly against their drywall so we can crank up our own music. If I don't get to sleep, why should they?

We're also considering moving, though it will be a couple years before we can. But, why should renters be able to force homeowners from their property?

So here I am, thinking of a crafty solution to my problems. I have actually been thinking about it for a while, though its looking more enticing now that I've experienced what it would be like to have to come home to buzzing walls every single day. But, the reality is that anything that solves my problem has to be inherently negative to the neighbors. So alas, my dilemma. Do I remain in a potentially miserable situation to avoid causing harm to others, or do I defend my own happiness and health.

I'll let you know what I decide.

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