Friday, August 31, 2012

Vacation and Aftermath

Before I get into the meat of this post, I wanted to share a little bit of what has been going on the past two weeks (and why I've been so quiet).  Basically, a year of in-law drama came to a head and burst.  There was crying and frustration and a period of two days where I was so upset and anxious that I didn't eat. It was fairly miserable, by which I mean really really miserable.

And once the big set of drama was finally calmed down and things seemed to be on the road to recovery, my future sister-in-law who is back in town started a huge fight with my fiance and claimed she was tired of all the drama... yes, she made to claim of there being too much drama in everyone's life by starting a huge poop storm right when things were finally getting better.

But in better news, I went out and got a ton of books to help with the witchy studies, which I have had no time to read so far.  I will admit, few of the books are actually directly witchy, but I think that they are good for building the support skills.

Anyway, on with the actual post.


Vacation and Aftermath

A little recap on my vacation.  Sadly, nothing witchy really happened other than the general magic of the place, so if you’re just here for the spiritual content, you can skip this post.

For an entire week, my time was spent reading the Hunger Games trilogy, followed by a book on the female monarchy of England that I did not completely finish.  The books were read for the most part on the porch swing.  I don’t care how hot it is, I spend all my vacations outside on the screened-in porch swinging away.  If the weather is right, we’ll go to the beach for a couple hours (at which point I am covered from head to toe in a sarong/towel and/or hat and sprayed with layer after layer of SPF 50 sunblock because redheads do not get along with the sun).

This year, the surf was especially rough, since high tide and stormy water out to sea seemed to coincide with our outings.  So, our actual time in the surf was cut down to probably 45 mins over the entire week.  However, that doesn’t make the beach any less good for sticking your feet in the sand and reading even more books. 

I will also note that I did my best to give myself mercury poisoning, eating seafood (either shellfish or fish) for every main meal.  I had a dozen raw oysters for lunch the day we went down, had clams and crabs one night, a fried shrimp sandwich another, ate three types of fresh caught fish in a single sitting (though the parmesan flounder was the absolute best of the three), had really bad sushi, and ate really good sashimi the last night we were there.  The only thing I overlooked was scallops, which is my own fault since I had the opportunity but decided I had to have a redo of the raw fish since the sushi was so awful.  Note to self: if all the island has is a carryout Thai place which sells sushi, just wait to have sushi until you get back home (or have sashimi at the good French-style sit-down restaurant and save yourself the expense).

Of course, we spent an extra two hours in traffic coming back which was less than fun. But now its time to get back to the real world with all of the things that entails.