Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vacation Prep and Some Crafting Updates

So the following post was written last week.  However, I didn't actually get a chance to post it before I left for vacation.  I figured I'd post it now before I compose a post about my actual vacation.  


Only a few days left until I go on vacation!  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it (minus the fact that I’m in grad school and will have to do homework while I’m there). 

I’m going with FiancĂ©, some family, and Misty (aka the old lab/pit mix that accompanied me on my afore blogged about woods walk).  Nothing like an 8-hour car ride to get you far the heck away from all the people who are driving you crazy. 

FiancĂ© and I will be back in the place where he proposed to me a year ago.  There is something nice about that.  In fact, since the place holds special significance to us, it might be a wonderful site for some Crafting. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Save the Drama for you Catholic Mama (in law)

Hello all.  I want to start this probably long drama-filled post with an observation.  When it comes to somewhat devout Catholic mothers, I have noticed that they seem to fall into one of two categories.  The thing they share is the traditional Catholic guilt, but what divides them is how they apply it. 

Catholic mothers in Group A live and internalize their guilt.  It governs their behavior and makes them kind to a fault.  Despite the resulting kindness, it’s not particularly good for them because they agonize over every small possible mistake that they may have made, and they pass the guilt on to their children who learn from this behavior.

Catholic mothers in Group B use Catholic guilt as a weapon.  They purposely infect their children with it and then use it throughout to control their children throughout the children’s lives, meanwhile never actually feeling it themselves (though perhaps they themselves were infected and controlled by their parents, so they seek to control their own children in a similar way). 

My future Mother-In-Law is of the Group B type.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moon Correspondence: A Page from my Book of Shadows

I should say that I the following was derived from the Farmer’s Almanac. I’ve altered their content to include my own interpretations. 

I've have a Book of Shadows that I haven’t added anything to it since high school. (Click here for a flip through video). This is my attempt to start a new one.

The following names of the 12 full moons can be used to alter how you see you moon deity (perhaps as a descriptor for her garb or perhaps affecting the name you give her) or you can use them as I do.  Being scientifically minded, I prefer not to see the sun or the moon as a humanoid deity with a personality.

The sun and moon are not living things as we would define them, and yet they are essential to our lives, making them sacred.  So I prefer to look at them as just that, sacred forces and objects.  In that way, I like to view the moon as a sacred orb that controls the tides and acts as a time table that helps me see the changes in the year. In that way the Wiccan or Pagan Lunar Calendar can be expressed and used to pass seasons.

So without further ado, a page from my Book of Shadows (again, see for the original unedited content):