Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Woods Walk

When I was young, I spent hours in the woods behind my house.  There wasn't really anyone around here that was my age to play with, so that's where I went.  I decided this week that I wanted to revisit my childhood playground and take some pictures for memories.  I figured I would share them here.

The View Starting Out

My very old, trusty four-legged sidekick, Misty.

We pick an entry spot closer to the road 
(That's the soybean field in the background, across the street.)

Misty blazes the trail.

We're in the woods!  
I should note that we had to trudge through a ton of poison ivy.

More woods!

The twisting and turning of the creek.

The bend in the creek where I used to sit and watch the water.

Beautiful green as we go deeper in.

We were following the creek which is at the bottom of a ravine, so all you could see was the sides when you looked up.

More creek with some poison ivy in the frame. 

More ravine sides.

It took me a moment to remember my old childhood tricks of getting through the woods.  This one is where you take a pretty long stick and wave it in front of you up and down as you walk.  It keeps you from walking through a spiders web (which usually gets the web and the spider on you).  Only took me walking through one web and having to flick off a very upset spider to remember this trick.

Moving around a bend.

Getting ready to hop across to the other side of the creek.

Deer track in the creek bank.

I only got halfway to the place I used to stop before I gave up.  The mosquitoes ate me up. I don't remember ever being bothered by them when I was little, but then kids don't always notice things.

On the way out of the woods I made sure to take a picture of the Root Tree.  It's at the top of the ravine.  I used to tie a rope to the roots and play mountain climber.

This is actually a close up of the animal hole in the roots.  It's always been there, and it seems to go back forever. There were times when no one lived there, though it looks like something is in residence now. I was borrowing a camera to take these pictures, so I couldn't figure out how to get the light settings right. Sorry for the darkness. 

Misty leads the way back home.

Mama Lucia Muncher, one of the two rabbits who lives in the back yard.

The Ant Stump.  You can actually break it apart with your hands it is so tunneled through.  Though, the ants would probably be angry if you did.