Sunday, June 24, 2012

Midsummer Solsitce 2012

I hope everyone had a Happy Solstice.  I myself had most of the day yesterday off.  Of course, that was only because I had to go to premarital counseling (which I recommend to everyone who can afford it or whose insurance covers it).  The rest of the day was spent inside with all the windows curtains drawn because it was 100 degrees outside and Fiancé and I were trying to keep the AC bill down.  We watched a bad movie, a comedy special, and I ate grocery store sushi (which I love!).

Overall, the day wasn’t very Pagany, but then again, I’m never good at celebrating Sabbaths that don’t coincide with major secular or Christian holidays.  Though I guess I will count the July 4th celebrations as my Midsummer.  It is close enough and it’s celebrated with family, drinking, and fireworks… which is pretty much the way you are supposed to celebrate a fire festival like the summer solstice. :D

I’m very hesitant to say this *looks around nervously* but I think my work life is going to start slowing down from crazy-hectic-every-second-I’m-there to busy-but-with-some-down-time.  This should do wonders for my stress levels and means that I can concentrate on my grad school class a little more! 

Also, hopefully I’ll get around to my spiritual studies.  I’ve realized that I’m just not educated enough on my own faith.  I don’t have a set path, I don’t know enough about the Pagan movement in general, I know some of the history of Wicca, but not enough about any tradition other than Gardinerian (and I don’t even identify as Wiccan).  I am woefully ignorant of a lot of things I should know, and it’s time to get off my lazy butt and hit the books.  One day (hopefully not in less than three years or so), I’m going to have kids.  When they’re old enough to ask me about the funny star and the books in my office that upsets both their grandmas so much, I want a strong backing of knowledge to draw on and explain to them.

Right now I’m reading The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W.Y. Evans-Wentz.  I’ve also got the updated version of Drawing Down the Moon on order from Amazon, as well as some other books on everything from Afro-Caribbean beliefs to Tarot.  And I’m planning to dust off some of my older texts that I either haven’t read in years or bought and just never go around to reading.

Oh, and there’s a piece of a movie that I think anyone who came from a Christian background should definitely consider seeing.  It’s Part One of Zeitgeist, and it’s available on You Tube (  It explains how the story of Jesus Christ was a metaphor for the movements of the sun (as well as a retelling of earlier Pagan stories which were also metaphors for the movements of the sun) in a very precise but concise format (20-30 minutes).  It was recommended to me through one of the Atheist podcasts I listen to (I like to listen to everyone’s viewpoints) who said it turned one of the hosts Athiest.  For me, it reaffirmed my pagan beliefs and made me much more comfortable with the Jesus story.

The other parts of the movie go into weird conspiracy theories (I wouldn’t recommend them), but the part I’m talking about has some backing from certain scholars.  I’m actually also ordering about book which explains the theory more.