Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Woods Walk

When I was young, I spent hours in the woods behind my house.  There wasn't really anyone around here that was my age to play with, so that's where I went.  I decided this week that I wanted to revisit my childhood playground and take some pictures for memories.  I figured I would share them here.

The View Starting Out

My very old, trusty four-legged sidekick, Misty.

We pick an entry spot closer to the road 
(That's the soybean field in the background, across the street.)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Midsummer Solsitce 2012

I hope everyone had a Happy Solstice.  I myself had most of the day yesterday off.  Of course, that was only because I had to go to premarital counseling (which I recommend to everyone who can afford it or whose insurance covers it).  The rest of the day was spent inside with all the windows curtains drawn because it was 100 degrees outside and Fiancé and I were trying to keep the AC bill down.  We watched a bad movie, a comedy special, and I ate grocery store sushi (which I love!).

Overall, the day wasn’t very Pagany, but then again, I’m never good at celebrating Sabbaths that don’t coincide with major secular or Christian holidays.  Though I guess I will count the July 4th celebrations as my Midsummer.  It is close enough and it’s celebrated with family, drinking, and fireworks… which is pretty much the way you are supposed to celebrate a fire festival like the summer solstice. :D

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cool Spring Night in Wonderland

This evening, I enjoyed one of my favorite treats.  My parents are hard workers and savers.  On a mechanic’s and a school media assistant’s (though she was a lunch lady prior) salaries, they managed to buy two acres of land in what was the middle of nowhere ten years ago and build a pleasant little home for me and my brother.  Since then, the country road that was hardly ever traveled on has now become rather busy, and neighborhoods of hulking houses have sprung up with their street lamps on all night and traffic going by at all hours. 

But my back yard, or glade as I like to call it, is still lined by trees.  And during this time of year, the lightning bugs flicker by the thousands against the black wooded backdrop at night.  The frogs that live in the creek that surrounds the glade on two sides ribbit their love songs and the crickets chirp along.  This night, between the cars that buzz along the road, I even got to hear and see the flapping bats who sweep along (probably eating the lightning bugs).  While I wish there were less street lights from the nearby neighborhoods and I wish less cars and motorcycles roared along the street, I can still see and hear the lovely sight that is the glade in the backyard in late spring and wonder at the magic of these small but precious places in the world.

I wish pictures or film could capture things like this, but perhaps the fact that they can't makes it all the more special.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Insantity of Blending Two Families

The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy for me.  Between work being overwhelmed at work, grad school starting back up and sucking away my life, and wedding planning going into full force (less than five months away), I have been completely swamped.  

In addition to that, my Catholic soon-to-be mother in law (or MIL as I will refer to her from now on) has been causing issues non-stop.  First, let me give you a rundown of our relationship so far.  I spend 50% of my holidays with Fiancé and his family including his parents.  We often go over their house on weekends (at least once a month or more) just to go over, this is separate from holidays, birthdays, and those types of things.

Back when Fiancé was just Boyfriend, I went on a get-away weekend to the small town where his parents grew up to visit his extended family.  We caravaned with his parents the whole way there, roughly 8 hours away.  While we were there, MIL took me aside and explained to me that I should call her Mom and her husband Dad.  The talked to me about how she had had a mother-daughter relationship with her own mother in law, and that she expected the same for us.  Now, let me reiterate that this was before Fiancé had proposed to me.  I was a little taken back, and explained that I really didn’t think it wasn’t comfortable calling them mom and dad, as I already have a Mom and Dad.  I let the whole part about what she wanted out of our relationship go without comment, but kept in mind a promise she made that I could talk to her about anything.