Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sit for a Spell

Well, technically I stood and kneeled for a spell... and given that I grew up Catholic, that's pretty funny.

Anyway, I did my first actual spell (not a ritual or prayer) in a months tonight.  I won't go into exactly what it was, but it was desperately needed for my sanity and well being.  I saved the words, but I think I will keep those to myself.  They were very specific to this situation and probably not much use for anyone else.  After all, I never really intended for this blog to be primarily for sharing spells.

I will say that I have noticed that in the past I have been very hesitant to actually work my craft.  It seems so silly, but I would have a need for a spell yet would hesitate and hesitate because I worried that there would be some unforeseen consequence that would make everything worse or that somehow someone else would be hurt by my actions.  The reality is no one can do anything without risk or potentially having a negative effect on someone else.  When I got my current job (with no magical help), I beat out someone else for it.  I negatively affected them, but I never hesitated to try my best in my interview.

I think I'm starting to get over that, which will be wonderful for my personal growth.  Unfortunately, all my witchy supplies are at Fiance's house (I figured that if my parents were going to let me move back in for very little rent to save for the wedding, I wasn't going to openly practice or keep evidence of what they think is evil and wrong in front of them).  So, I had to do whole a lot of improvising.  Luckily, I had my Caribou antler that I picked up in Alaska, which was basically the only tool I used, and it was really all I needed.

I'll post later on how successful I actually was.  It will probably be a little while before I know.